Tow Truck Diecast Model

One of the most popular things we’ve done on GEARZ is introduce the “What are you working on?” segment.   This segment allowed us to take a peek inside the garages and shops around the nation and showcase some of the unique cars and trucks that real people are working on. These vehicles and the passion behind them is so inspiring that we put together a series of  “What are you working on?” diecasts, based off some of the vehicles we’ve seen that people are wrenching on. Of course, we added a little GEARZ twist to them to make them different than any diecast out there.   

The first vehicle on the list had to be a tow truck, because we all like to drag junk home. What better base to put it on then a classic '56 Ford F-100. So get a tow truck, find a project and then get out there and start working on something!

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