Season 15 DVD

Season 15 of GEARZ is rolling onto your screen and is packed full of great automotive content! You’ll learn how to become a “Car Whisperer”, as Stacey shows you what to look for when buying an old vehicle and figuring up the cost of the project.

After that he shows that a project doesn’t have to glitter to be gold by rolling in an old Jeep CJ5 Levi’s Edition and updating things like the steering, brakes, and axles, without losing the old Jeep magic. If you love old jeans and like to keep your cars more functional than pretty, you’ll love the “Ol’ Faded Levi” project.

The “Stunt Double” squarebody truck also returns for some much-needed interior upgrades from partners like LMC Truck. You’ll see stories about the history of the muscle car, what qualifies as a supercar, and what to watch out for when you take your car to a big automotive auction. Thinking about doing some body work? Well, Stacey shows you the best way to move metal while fixing a nasty corner dent on a rare Jeep FC150 pickup!

Like all the seasons before it, season 15 of GEARZ is packed with tech pieces, innovative products, great stories, and cool project builds. If you missed it – no problem – because now you can see it all, then get out in YOUR garage and start working on something!

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