Banshee Project DVD

Hold on as we unleash the BANSHEE Project. In this project, Stacey takes a mild mannered Mazda Miata and gives it some teeth and fangs to create a wild road racing, street machine that anyone would like to own, and better yet... anyone can build! If you thought a Miata was just a “sissy” car with no potential, this DVD will definitely change your mind, as it walks you through an amazing transformation into a high performance sports car.

Things like a V8 engine swap, suspension and brake upgrades, interior and roll over protection, paint and body upgrades, and much more are all covered to help you do the same thing to your own Miata. There’s also plenty of tips and tricks included that you’ll be able to use on any project, no matter WHAT it is. So Buckle up and let’s go… I hear a Banshee screamin’!

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