Season 1 DVD

Season 1 contains loads of incredible building, testing and all out fun!! This 3-disc set includes a revamping of Ted Nugent’s Zebra Bronco, reviving the Sur-Trek 8-wheel drive ATV, a screamin’ machine called the “Banshee” and an exclusive feature on the L.A.R.C. 60! It’s anniversary time!! The ’32 Ford celebrates 75 years, as Stacey shows viewers that the Deuce is NOT Dead!!

Watch Stacey begin the build on his own project, “The Rat Roaster”, to celebrate Ford’s anniversary. Learn new techniques and all the great secrets to making a ride you can be proud of. Watch the “Lost Episodes” of Gearz, where Stacey builds a ’32 Roadster for around 20 grand. Enjoy the Coker story, as Stacey visits Coker Tire. The “Bushmaster” project is revealed, as Stacey replaces the rusty, crusty body of Ted’s Bronco and watch the incredible airbrush work done by artist, Mickey Harris!

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