Season 10 DVD

Season 10 of GEARZ starts off with a bang as Stacey rolls in the massive Sgt. Rock truck to show how to build a custom interior out of literally nothing…. Then He digs into the perils of what can happen when a project is not planned properly, and then something unfortunate happens like death, divorce, or college tuition. For the budget minded, there is tech on the best upgrades to do on a budget, as well as how to bring an old rotten interior back to life. For the more technically oriented, Stacey shows the in’s and out’s of wiring a custom vehicle, and how to install air conditioning in a vehicle that never came with it originally.

Then, just when you think you’ve seen it all, Stacey rolls in a vintage Thoikol snow cat from the 70’s….rotten tracks and all! Of course the first challenge was to get the engine running again, then that was quickly followed up with customizing the ‘Cat into the ultimate all-terrain vehicle. If you are into alternative projects like tractors, go-karts, or ATV’s….you are going to LOVE these shows! Finally, Stacey and the GEARZ crew head out to check out some cool projects in the GEARZ Nation, and in the process of swapping a 6speed transmission into an early Nova, they discover some of the best bar-b-que in Memphis! Finally….just in case you think we’ve forgotten about the Rock and Roll aspect of Hot Rodding, Stacey checks out a new guitar company in Nashville that is making some serious sound waves in the music and car world.

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