Season 13 DVD

Season 13 of GEARZ is coming at you hard and fast with tons of great How-to tech, cool projects, and great stories. For projects, we have a ‘59 Ford panel truck that Stacey is crafting into the world’s fastest tool delivery truck called the SR-71 Rapid Tool Express! Follow along as he moves inside this 1000hp beast and works out an interior to match the drivetrain in this classic ford panel. The Heavy Metal International tow truck and The Stunt Double square body Chevy truck are both back in the shop from paint and Stacey spends some time showing how to start putting a project back together.

The big story this year is America’s oldest tool company, Cornwell Tools. They celebrate their 100th year, so in typical GEARZ fashion, Stacey decides to test the strength of their new Platinum toolboxes with the massive Sgt. Rock! For you tech hungry gearheads there are segments like Lift tech, Seal tech and Transmission tech… all designed to answer questions and help get your own ride ready for the road. It’s lucky season 13 of GearZ, and it’s taking off now!

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