Season 14 DVD

Season 14 of GEARZ is here, and it’s bringing you all the how-to tech, cool projects, and fascinating stories that you need!

Stacey’s Stunt Double truck gets put back together with a new heart that will really shake things up! He shows you all the necessities of getting a project like this back on the road, plus some upgrades that will make you Squarebody stand out in a crowd. LMC Truck helped the Stunt Double get down the road for Season 14, and they’ll help you too!

How could anyone not love a Jeep? Well, this season features two of them! Stacey tackles some issues on a classic Jeep Scrambler and makes it look factory fresh again in the process. He also gets a new Jeep Gladiator pickup and gives it a head-to-toe makeover as a Search and Rescue vehicle.

Finally, Stacey’s Cheetah project comes back from the paint shop. They say some things only happen once in a blue moon, and this Cheetah is one of a kind!

If you want tech segments, Season 14 has those covered too! Stacey showcases a ton of new upgrades you can get for your projects too, so don’t miss it!

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