Season 2 DVD

Season 2 is filled with hard work on some popular favorites all the way from the “Rat Roaster” to the “Banshee”. You’ll also see brand new projects like the V8 powered bar stool, Hoss Fly, (a whole lot more insane fun than should really be legal!) to the brand new ’08 Corvette, “Ol’ Smoke”, that was given away by Armor All and Tony Stewart to one lucky gearhead!!

You’ll watch an average family, mom, dad, and the kids, all take part in the final touches of finishing up their family Jeep, working alongside Stacey as he guides them through changes and installation, interior AND under the hood! You’ll thrill to the footage of the all-time most famous car movie, Smokey and the Bandit, and get up close and personal with its most famous character, the black Trans Am. You’ll see Stacey work his magic with nothing more than…a black Sharpie!!!

Ramping up horsepower, customizing body and metal work, mysterious tools, installing seats, restoring interior, and sitting in the car with Stacey on a really fast ride on a hot track are just a few of the things we know you won’t want to miss! Hook all those new things up with some old favorites like “What Are You Workin’ On?”® featuring a gearhead just like you and his latest project and a Parts Bins with Stacey showing you some of the coolest products on the market and you have a combination of shows that you’ll watch again and again…no question…so why wait any longer!

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