Season 3 DVD

Season 3 kicks off with the "KnuckleBuster" project, where Stacey resurrects a '73 Chevy pickup that was left for dead in the late '80's. You'll sit down with Stacey as he conducts an exclusive interview with Ivan "The Ironman" Stewart. On top of that, we'll put you in the seat as we venture out to Las Vegas and take part in the last real outlaw race, the Silver State Classic Road Race. Relive the crazy summer of '69 as the "Rat Roaster" '32 Ford project returns and a rare appearance and jam with legendary Hendrix bass player Billy Cox! There's also shows about the history of Hot Wheels, the massive "SGT. Rock" Power Wagon, Cherrybomb D100 and of course all the innovations, modifications, tools, techniques, and other cool gearhead stuff that makes GEARZ the hottest thing on the road!