Season 4 DVD

Stacey David is "gearing up" in the Rattletrap garage to showcase some of the biggest projects on a working man's budget. Season four kicks off with an exclusive trail ride in the all-terrain Gamma Goat! Follow along with Stacey as he fabricates some custom motor mounts for the "Heavy Metal" project, an old Navy truck he rescues from a local junkyard. The 1969 International Loadster undergoes some serious overhauling for a mean, custom, diesel drive train!!

"GO SPEEDRACER GO!!" Stacey takes the Real Mach 5 for a test spin on the speedway! Take a look into the history and development of this cartoon classic! Explore the "Cash for Clunkers" mythos. Stacey takes a hard look at this government program and what this really means to you and gives you some alternatives to consider, as far as performance and fuel economy.

Journey out to California with the Gearz crew as Stacey takes a ride with the legendary Blue Angels. Experience the life of a Blue Angel's pilot and go behind the scenes of their program to see team work at its finest! Season four also introduces another exciting project, the V8 Interceptor! It's a '67 Mercury Cougar!! Visit the big boss man's shop, Jon Kaase and check out the Boss Ford 429! New paint, interior, exhaust and a GMP die-cast are only a few things covered with the return of the Rat Roaster!

Stacey works with the students of the Hot Rod Institute to give this 1969 roadster a unique look that will make George Lucas jealous! TIPS, FABRICATION and Project Builds...."What Are You Workin' On?"