Season 6 DVD

Season 6 of Gearz is here and once again it’s packed with many unique projects that will get ANY gearhead’s blood racing, as well as tips, tools, parts, and fabrication that you can really sink your teeth into! Check it out as Ted Nugent hands over his Bronco to Stacey David for some paint and interior work. Take a journey into the belly of the beast, as Stacey wakes up the Drag’N’Wagon project and gives this lowly Dodge a little fire breathing power with a supercharger! Take a look at the evolution of slot cars with Carrera, as we build the ultimate track for your garage or man cave. Do you like supercars?.....why not build your own? The SL-C supercar is here and Stacey walks you through the steps of building your own supercar that has the potential of breaking the 200 mph mark. This car is guaranteed to turn some heads and demolish any competition! Season six also helps out the local volunteer fire department, as Stacey gathers up some resources to produce the ultimate Brush Truck!

Are you into Cadillacs and Country music? Stacey takes a Cadillac Escalade from Country music artist, Jason Sturgeon and gives it some Outlaw Country attitude with a lift and bigger meats.

Do you want something different for your next project? How about a wagon? Stacey shows what is possible when you combine a mid-70’s grocery getter station wagon with LS power to give it some extra kick! We’ll also take a look at some of the most popular movie cars and how they continue to influence our culture. Stacey also addresses one of the most common questions by showing what’s involved in sticking a 6-spd manual in a Fox bodied Mustang, and losing the boring automatic transmission it came with. Finally, Buckle up as The Rat Roaster rolls into the Rattletrap Garage for some final touches as Stacey walks you through the incredible 4 season buildup. Then hold on as He turns the key on this bad little ’32 Roadster!

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