Season 8 DVD

Season 8 of Stacey David’s GearZ® is rollin’ at you full throttle,  featuring the exploits of the wrench-bending, torch-wielding, guitar- slinging,  automotive icon -- Stacey David.  In keeping with the mantra that “all things mechanical are fair game on GEARZ,” Stacey serves up a bunch of projects to help encourage you to get out there and build something.

There’s tips and tricks on how to set up your shop, and how to convert an old fire truck into your new shop truck.  There’s  also nuts and bolts tech on restoring an old frame, fabricating custom bumpers and brackets, and how to build a “sleeper” out of your Grandma’s car!
You also definitely don’t want to miss the barn find episode featuring the lost Richard Petty car, the personal touch of the GEARZ on the Road segments,   or the 100th episode milestone that looks back on some wild moments of the last 7 years.  
If you want to learn more about how to work on, or modify cars and trucks….or if you are just an enthusiast who enjoys the freedom of the automotive lifestyle, this DVD has it!    Now it’s up to you….  get out there and build something…… then go drive the wee out of it! 
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