Season 9 DVD

Stacey David’s GearZ rolls into season 9 with sparks flying, engines roaring, and tires squealing. The renowned car-builder brings his rock-n-roll flair and designer know-how into the garage for a season packed with projects and legends that will leave your gear head spinning.
First, NAPA calls on Stacey to take an average pick up truck and transform it into the Perfect Additions work truck using off the shelf parts and accessories. 
After that,  Stacey explores two legendary racecars that are now available for YOU to build! First, the one and only Cheetah, originally designed by Bill Thomas to stomp Shelby’s Cobra, this car became the stuff of legends… and it’s back and street legal, from Cheetah Evolution! Watch Stacey dive into this build headfirst. We’re talking ROAR factor here.
From one legend to another, Stacey takes on another big cat in the racing world… the three-time LeMans winning Jaguar D-type. The lines on this beauty took the world’s breath away in 1955, and this new replica from RCR does exactly the same thing as we roll one into the GearZ garage, ready to be put together! You can bet your last dollar that Stacey is going to treat both of these legends right. From horsepower down to the smallest rivet, you don’t want to miss these builds.
And that’s just the beginning... You also have a visit from a Pin-striping legend, and the worlds tallest teenager, as well as projects involving low-budget daily drivers, and the dangers of buying a car at auction. There’s even an update on the Sgt. Rock project as it continues to march closer and closer to completion, as well as tons of tech tips and useful how-to you can use on YOUR project.
So, hold on tight. This is going to be one heck of a ride. Season 9 is chocked full of garage madness at its finest!