Sgt Rock Guitar Pick

The SGT ROCK guitar pick is a classic 351 style guitar pick approximately .8mm thick and crafted from World War II era antique brass to commemorate not only the vintage of the SGT. ROCK truck, but also it’s military heritage. Each pick is hand-stamped with the edges beveled for a liquid smooth feel that will not promote string wear. To further follow the look of the truck, each pick is hand-hammered with steel rivets and stamped with a star. The concept and tonality of a brass flat pick is the same as that of a brass finger-pick (used with banjo, resonator or steel guitar), and gives the instrument a louder volume, crisp attack and accentuating harmonics. The SGT. ROCK guitar picks were designed specifically for GEARZ and come with a collectors card honoring ALL who have served in the military since 1776. If you are a veteran….you ROCK!