Stunt Double Die Cast


One of the most iconic Squarebody GM trucks of all time is undoubtedly the one from the Fall Guy TV series. The show starred Lee Majors and was about a stunt man/bounty hunter and his adventures. But the real “star” was the high-flying brown and tan truck. The TV truck originally was an early 80’s GMC 4x4 longbed, but since they tore up about 3 trucks per show, it was constantly changing from GMC to Chevy, longbed to short bed, etc. over the seasons. Because of this, the Fall Guy truck quickly became the “tough guy” representation of any Squarebody GM truck.

With the renewed popularity of the GM Squarebody trucks today, I wanted to build something special to recognize such a great design and remind everyone how tough these trucks were back in the day. So, I hatched the idea to build a Stunt Double for the legendary Fall Guy truck! In true stunt double fashion, the STUNT DOUBLE truck is not meant to be a perfect replica of the Fall Guy truck, instead it’s a truck that looks the part and is capable of doing the heavy stunts in place of the “star”, just like a real stunt man or woman does. This allowed me to build a more modern truck, using some of the best aftermarket parts available, while keeping the classic look. Starting with an ‘86 longbed Chevy K2500 4x4, I packed in over 500hp, upgraded the suspension and axles, laid out a custom interior, and added modern brakes, A/C, and tons of other cool things. Built this way, the STUNT DOUBLE is not only capable of doing the hard stunts, but it’s also tough enough to drive home in one piece afterward! THAT is the main goal for any professional stunt man, or stunt double!”

Now you can own a smaller version of the truck Stacey built on GEARZ! Done in 1/64th size by the guys at ACME, exclusively for GEARZ, this highly detailed truck is the perfect addition to any diecast collection when you need to jump things and create mayhem!

The STUNT DOUBLE model is a highly detailed collectible and may not hold up well to the vigorous play of a child. Parental discretion is advised. No refunds or returns for die casts that are damaged after opening. If your die cast is damaged upon receipt, please notify us and we will send a replacement.

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