Copperhead 1:64 Die Cast Model

“One of the most famous and influential C10 trucks ever built has to be Stacey David’s “COPPERHEAD”. Built by Stacey over several seasons on TV, Copperhead ignited the imagination of millions of gearheads to what they could build in their own garage. With a hot rod stance, custom interior, and special metallic orange color, it had the look of a classic street cruiser. Under the hood however lurked the very first, pre-production 572 Chevy crate engine to give the truck some serious bite. This combination created a classic triple threat of looks, handling, and power, and introduced the world to COPPERHEAD!

The Copperhead model is a highly detailed collectible and may not hold up well to the vigorous play of a child. Parental discretion is advised. No refunds or returns for die casts that are damaged after opening. If your die cast is damaged upon receipt, please notify us and we will send a replacement.

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